Friday, March 18, 2011

Doggy Time

It has been and is going to continue to be, a very dog-focused couple of weeks around here. The 15th was Diocese's Birthday (yes, he born on the ides of March!), and Endymion's Gotcha Day is the 21st. I'm going to make them a dog cake sometime next week and just celebrate both together. Diocese is 5, and I think Indy will be 2.

My grandmother adopted a 4-6 year old Cocker Spaniel a couple weeks ago, and I'm getting his neuter handled for her. So, yesterday I took him in for his pre-neuter exam, and dropped him off this morning to be cut. His name is Barkley, and he is about as adorable as a Spaniel can be (he's buff, with cute little white feet and a white chest). He is super laid back, especially for an older intact dog, and we mostly enjoyed having him spend a couple days here.

We did make a couple of not-so-hot discoveries though. Barkley is horrible with cats, and will chase one as soon as he sees it. I suppose this is normal for many dogs, but generally we don't allow dogs that haven't been tested with cats in our home. Don't want to make life too difficult for our 2 senior cats (at least kitten doesn't care). The other, bigger problem is that Barkley has some aggression issues. When he gets really, really riled (like from chasing a cat, or trying to attack the rat cage, or being crowded too much by Indy the bully), he turns into another dog completely and just shakes and growls.

The first time it happened I thought he was growling at the other dogs, but the second time it happened I was pretty sure, and the third time confirmed it. He was growling at ME, staring me right in the eyes, unmoving except for his shaking, telling me very plainly if I didn't back off he would bite me. As much as I am used to aggression, having dealt with D's reactivity, D has never so much as raised a lip at me. I get the feeling Barkley's self-control is horrible, and that he walked all over his last owners. I can't imagine allowing a dog to treat you that way.

All said, I don't think these revelations will affect him staying with my grandmother. She hates cats, and doesn't have another dog. She is already in love with Barkley, and I honestly don't believe she would ever put him in a situation where this will come up. He'll spend his days laying around her house getting his belly rubbed or following her around while she gardens. Still, I think I will recommend that she not have anyone pet-sit him unless they have no other pets.

On top of everything, we are transporting another rescue dog from Tifton to Ocala tomorrow. At least my midterms are almost over!

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