Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My family is made up of dog people. I can't remember a time when we haven't had one or more pet dogs around the house. A 'few' years back my little sister and I started hounding (hehe) my parents for a cat. They eventually gave in, and adopted a 6 month old kitten from the shelter for us.


Simba was not at all we expected. He literally would not let anyone touch him for several months after we adopted him. Eventually he warmed up to my dad and I, but was still terrified of everyone else. Including my poor sister who the cat had been adopted mostly for.


He was, and is, a total grouch fairly often. Even now he doesn't tolerate being touched when he doesn't want it. He doesn't like to be picked up, or be around guests.

However, Simba has blossomed in the last few years. He loves Kevin (not a surprise, Kevin is a total cat person). He hangs out in the living room like a social cat, sometimes even when company is over. He even adores Schafer and Rumor (our two younger cats). When Kevin and I first got married, he was absolutely enraged at the thought of sharing a space with another cat. Now if he is separated from them for any significant length of time he gets upset and searches the house for them.



We took Simba to the vet the other day. He is 12 or 14 years old or so. He has always been the healthiest of our cats, despite being a senior. The vet pointed out that his eyes are starting to get cloudy. I've also noticed that he is moving just a little slower, a little creakier than he used to.

I can't believe it. When did my Simba get old?

Simba Chilling on the Goban

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  1. What a pretty cat! Or would they rather be called handsome or lovely?

    I had to laugh out loud at your comment on my blog, Rebecca! We actually have two hamster-- Marshmallow and Chocolate. They have only nipped at the kids once or twice but have been pretty good pets so far. No stink since we clean the cages once a week. They do run all night long and have to be kept in a separate room so they don't keep us up all night. They have gotten into the habit of waking up for a little while in the late morning or early afternoon since that is when we will give them a couple of treats. :)

    Do you know what pet I have always wanted? A zebra. I kid you not. Do you think it would make a good pet? We have 4 acres. I would say I'm kidding, but that would only be partially true!

    Okay, so now who's writing a novel?

    PS if you will link your email addy to your blogger profile, then people will be able to reply directly back via email to any comments you make.